World is Sound Cameras to Cuba Project

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Cameras to Cuba is a collaboration between World is Sound, a travel channel about music and the Cuban media arts collective El Almacén.

The Cameras to Cuba campaign is to raise money to upgrade the camera equipment that El Almacén studios is currently using in Cuba. We are raising money for to bring the film studio a set of DSLR cameras and other gear for their documentary film productions.
We are asking everyone who loves Cuban music and culture to help us and support the campaign.

Cameras to Cuba2World is Sound is also partnering with El Almacén to produce a series of documentary films and recording sessions focusing on the traditional music and dance traditions of Cuba as well as modern hip hop and reggaeton artists on the island. This is a very exciting project that will help further bridge the gap between Cuba and the US and benefits everyone through understanding of global arts and culture.


We are asking for donations of $10-$1000 to help bring Cameras to Cuba. We have set up a GoFundMe campaign to facilitate donations. Please join our campaign and contribute here-
Cameras For Cuba

WiS-titleWorld is Sound is a travel channel about music founded by music producer and anthropologist Jef Stott. In the past year the project has documented musical artists in Istanbul, the Aegean Coast of Turkey, New Orleans and their home town of San Francisco. These episodes have been very well received with tens of thousands of fews on social media.


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El Almacén is an arts collective bringing together the finest musicians, painters, and visual artists, from the city of Matanzas, Cuba that runs a social program in the form of an arts collective comprised of multidisciplinary artists collaborating under one roof.



We are planning on delivering the cameras to El Almacén studios later this Summer! We need you to act now to support the project.

We hope that you can join our project and support the campaign! We are extremely excited about this opportunity!

Thank you!

Jef Stott- producer/founder/ host
World is Sound