World is Sound – CUBA with Jef Stott and Alejandro Falcón

New episode from World is Sound! World is Sound- CUBA Roots of Rumba in Matanzas Cuba with Alejandro Falcón.

World is Sound producer Jef Stott traveled to Cuba to find the roots of Rumba and Afro Cuban music in Matanzas, a small port city far off the beaten path of tourists seeking the glamour of Havana.

In Matanzas Jef met with Alejandro Falcón, a powerful young Cuban piano player who creates his compositions based on the Afro Cuban rhythms found only in Matanzas. Jef and Falcon explored Matanzas and then travel together to Havana to dive deeper into the music there and his performance at the famous Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) a art and performance center in Havana.

This episode would not be possible without the support of Luis Bran and the El Almacen artist collective in Matanzas who helped produce the episode and provided crucial support while in Cuba. Special thanks to Falcón for his gracious hospitality and warmth.

Check out more of Falcon’s amazing Afro Cuban music at

Learn more about Fabrica (FAC)

More episodes, music and travel at

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